Outside Christmas Lights – Make Your BackYard, Porch And Lawn Glisten

Bring the holidays home in jolly style with outside Christmas lights.

A great way to get yourself and your neighbors in the spirit of the holiday season are festive lawn ornaments.


These elegant Christmas décor accents looking gorgeous and will make your home sparkle. Also during the night hours, your lighted Christmas Yard Decorations will shine and light up your garden.

Need some inspiration for your Christmas decoration? Check out these

Amazing Outside Christmas Lights

and outdoor X-mas decoration ideas.

A wide selection of outdoor Christmas snowflakes, sparkling stars,  garland lights and more. Illuminate the reindeer, Santa, the trees as well as bushes.

Wildly popular Christmas decorations like snowflakes and stars come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. You can hang Starlight Spheres, that look like glowing ornaments, from trees, rooflines, and porches.

Pre-light Outdoor Christmas trees are a great addition to driveways, paths, patios, and porches.

LED Lightshows displaying beautiful joyous ornaments on your house or in your garden …

Decorating for Christmas is part of the fun, isn’t it?

Indoor and Outside Christmas Lights: Starry Lights by Qualizzi

outside christmas lightsA decorative string light that is perfect as a Christmas decoration or a year-round accent to your humble abode. It exudes a romantic feel and is able to illuminate dark corners. The string light is composed of 480 individual LED bulbs and produces a white warm light.

 This set of string lights has a number of attractive features such as:

  • Powered by LED bulbs – LED bulbs are known to be environmentally-friendly, economic, and relatively safer.
  • Made with 80 ft of lacquer-coated ultra-thin copper – The lacquer coating on lights string’s wire makes it water and dust resistant. The copper wire also makes the light string flexible.
  • Has a dual plug – This allows you to save on batteries.
  • Gives off white light – The warm white light makes the lights string usable in any occasion.

Read our full review about the Starry Lights here and check out what others are saying on Amazon


Maybe you don’t want to mess around with long string lights and climbing up a ladder. Then ‘plug & play’ Laser Lights would be the right choice.

Our top recommendation is the

outside christmas lightsChristmas Laser Lights from Geekers

An easy to install Laser Lights Projector for in- and outdoor use. Comes with 18 patterns of lighting effects for Halloween, Christmas or any other festive occasion. The high-quality laser lights are waterproof, rain and snow resistant and workable till temperatures to -104℉.

With the remote control you can choose from different colors, the lights have various options for flashing and time-setting. The laser can cover a wide area and lights are bright enough for be seen from a great distance.

Hight quality garden laser lights with a metal shell for guarantee long life. Well, these laser lights are more expensive than similar lights. But in our opinion, these are well worth it as they last a few years. And we all know that quality has its price, don’t we?

Looking for the perfect outside Christmas lights decoration? Look no further. Also on Amazon are endless reviews from happy clients, giving a rating of 5 stars out of 5. 

Also, a beautiful addition to your home is the

Twinkle Star Window Curtainoutside christmas lights

It’s the perfect decoration for indoors and outdoors. These 300 warm-white LED’s given a romantic touch to your windows or walls all year long. Furthermore for special occasions like weddings or parties. Also nice as charming outside christmas lights for your backyard or porch.

The curtain is waterproof and has 8 different lighting settings, from steady-on over slow-fade to a twinkle/flash.

The plug is quite high up, so you’ll need an extension cord. But with this low price that’s not really inconvenient.

Talking about twinkle…

outside christmas lightsOutside Christmas Lights – Twinkle Snowflake

Enjoy the christmas time with this twinkling snowflake. This bright sparkling christmas decoration is a brilliant way to light up the holiday season at your house or backyard.

The snowflake is 36″, with energy saving LED’s and foldable for easy storing when not in use. Very easy to put together. It is open on the back, which makes changing the bulbs uncomplicated. Even comes with a couple of replacement bulbs.

Of course, Santa should not be missed out:

outside christmas lightsSanta With Christmas Tree In Sleigh And Two Reindeer 

This holographic Santa sleigh with 250 twinkling lights sure gives a nice touch for your holiday decoration this year. It’s easy to assembly and nearly 6 foot long.



outside christmas lightsSanta Hanging from Roof

This realistic looking Santa is 6.5 foot tall and self-inflates in secs. To make sure this big guy keeps a firm grip, it comes with stakes and tethers. He will look eye-catching, holiday season after holiday season, because the weather-resistant material ensures it.




Outside Christmas Lights: Starry Lights by Qualizzi – Review

The functional benefits of Starry Lights by Qualizzi equates, if not exceeds, the beauty that it possesses. With its LED bulbs, you are sure that your decorative lights are energy-efficient and therefore environment-friendly. Moreover, you also would not have to worry about incurring a high electric bill. They can save you up to 75 percent on energy and they can last 25 times longer. LED bulbs do not generate much heat. Hence, accidental fires and skin burns can be better prevented when you use Starry Lights by Qualizzi.

Also, the coating on the light strings copper wire makes it water and dust resistant. This also means that you can safely use Starry Lights outdoors even when the rain is pouring. But take in mind that you have to protect the power cord connections and the plug by isolating them with waterproof material.

On the other hand, because the lights string does not need a battery, you are guaranteed some amount of savings. The product is also flexible and can be used for any occasion or even when there is no occasion at all.

Why Buy It?outside christmas lights

Starry Lights by Qualizzi is your best choice if you want to create a romantic feel in your front porch, on the façade of your business establishment, or even across your bedroom. Moreover, its flexibility will allow you to shape it into different forms. So if you want to practice your creativity in light decoration, then you should definitely make a purchase.

If you need a light string for a single purpose, in decorating an event venue for example, then you can enjoy more value with Starry Lights. After using it for a one-time event, you can use it to decorate your own home. You can even reposition it every once in a while. At one point, you can decorate your living room area with the Starry Lights and maybe use it to highlight your garden next.

Furthermore, if you think that the beauty, durability, and high efficiency of this product is not yet enough for you to decide to buy it, then you should know that Starry Lights by Qualizzi comes with a bonus. Once you buy this product, you will get a free ebook “Decorating with String Lights” which is exciting, don’t you think?

Potential Cons

Because Starry Lights by Qualizzi contains little LED bulbs, you might find it a bit more expensive. But this disadvantage is easily in the balance of the benefits that LED bulbs actually give. Whatever extra money you shed for purchasing the product can potentially be offset against a long-term savings on electricity that you can enjoy.


Starry Lights by Qualizzi is good for any situation or occasion. You can use it indoors and it can withstand outdoors condition because the product is water-resistant. It is appropriate as indoor and outside Christmas lights. Also for garden weddings, events venue, restaurants, pubs, bedrooms, and even bathrooms! The lights string is environmentally-friendly and economic. Relatively safer through its use of LED bulbs instead of the usual incandescent and CFL bulbs.

  • Starry Lights by Qualizzi

If you have not decided yet on whether you would want to purchase this product, check out other reviews on Amazon