You will love our House and Garden Yard Art Ideas. Think of your garden or backyard as an extra room in your home.

So we put together lots of unique concepts for your backyard and garden that will amaze you..

..and your neighbors!

Yard Art for Your Backyard

yard artTransform your backyard into a charming hideaway. We have yard art tips that will help ensure success. So you and your family can make peace with a cozy yard and enjoy the exterior for years to come.

One way to make you feel closely united with your patio is by defining its function. Therefore think about the way in which you’d like to use your backyard. A large dining table is key for summer dining with your friends. Maybe you prefer relaxation on a cozy seating area with a fire pit. Depending on how big the space is, you can break your backyard up into distinct areas or stick with one main purpose.
Our nice backyard furnishings ideas will have you relaxing in a space that is so pleasing to the eye and at the same time functional.


Use Colors for Your Back-Yard Artyard art

Small backyards offer not so many opportunities to add a great amount of visual interest than their more spacious counterparts. One of the easiest ways to make even a small yard count is to add bold colors. Bring color through the pillows that enhance your seating area.

Furthermore, seek inspiration from nature. Blooming flowers are an excellent way to add color to any outdoor space. Focus on to 2 or 3 colors for designing your entire backyard with the same color scheme.


cast-bird-bathOutdoor Statues

In addition, an outdoor statue will give a spectacular accent to your patio, lawn, and garden. Maybe combine with a bird feeder to attract birds to your yard. Would that not be a good decorative addition? Also, a charming bird bath is perfect for any outdoor or yard space. You will definitely be able to enjoy nature in your own backyard.


Your Backyard Life does not expire with the end of summer.

With our help, you can design your house and garden, backyard, patio or decked area. Hence, you can use the space for most of the year. Also in autumn, you can admire the changing leaves from a well-equipped fire pit.
Hint – look at our Section about Outdoor Heaters.


Outdoor Water Fountain

yard art


There’s just something about those little water fountain sculptures. You know, the ones you can put on your patio and enjoy the benefits of having water flowing in front of you.

Personally, we don’t think you could ever have too many of these type of water fountains. The type that contained none form of plumbing work.

With a water fountain, you and your family will enjoy lounging around the backyard, while listening to the tranquil trickle of a water. Mind you, just listen to the nice sound of a water fountain is already pure relaxation.


If you desire a more beautiful backyard, finally we like to offer you inspirational decorating and shopping ideas for your house and garden.