LED Outdoor Light – Paradise Solar-Powered Streetlight-Style Light

led outdoor lightWe have a streetlight-style LED outdoor light in mind for those of you that are looking to make a real statement in your garden.

When you place it in your front yard, you’re probably going to receive compliments from your neighbors.

Regarding the garden lighting during the night, we would like to introduce you to the

LED Outdoor Light Paradise

a solar powered streetlight-style patio light.

Looking at the light, the shape is like an old-fashion, gas-lit lights. The type that used to sit along the side of the street. Now, these type of lights can only be seen in movies. Personally, we liked this look and think they should have kept it. But now, with this light, you can bring back the look to your own backyard.

Main Features for the LED Outdoor Light Paradise

The lamp itself is 80-inches tall and it offers a focal point that will look attractive in your garden or patio. This is a great way to provide a green source of lighting through the four solar panels and LED bulbs.

This light is programmed to automatically turn on and off. When the sun sets, the light will automatically click on. It used the energy it collected by the solar cells throughout the day and it has 12 LEDS that are able to offer a consistent 14 lumen glow.

Sounds pretty cool, right?

The Design

A wonderful romantic picture of the old-fashioned street lamps unfolds in front of us. We find many people talking about this design as being traditional and charming. The design is obviously one of the main selling points and we can see why.

Easy to Set Up

We find that this lamp is easy to set up and there is no form of wiring required. You take it out of the box and all you have to do is put it in the ground. This is one of the simplest forms of lighting out there, which is why many home designers enjoy it.

Modern Twist

The street lights offers a nice modern twist on an old classic and for this reason, many people buy the product. You have people that are complaining about the light not being bright enough for them. On the other hand, you have those that appreciate the lighting and overall look. So in all actuality, whether you like this light or not will all depend on your preference. If you’re looking for something that is super bright, then you’re probably not going to like it. If you’re looking for something that is classic with a modern twist, romantic and beautiful, this lamp you’ will like.


This is an attractive, durable model of an LED outdoor light, that will look astonishing in any garden or front yard. Once you set it up, you’ll get a lots of compliments.


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