Fire Pit Landmann Barrone in Antique Bronze with Cover – Review

fire pit with coverThere are some cities that do not allow to have a fire pit in the backyard of your house. So what can we do? A great alternative solution: You can always turn to a portable fire pit. You can easily move it throughout your yard and try different effects.

You can use these pits as a warming fire as well as a barbeque. So yes, they are great for cooking, too. Well, they don’t have as many safety features behind them like grills have.

We were looking online to find the best fire pits out there and that is when we stumbled across the Landmann Barrone.

Today, we are going to give you our honest review on


The Fire Pit Landmann Barrone

So you can determine whether or not it’ll be a suitable match for your backyard …

This fire pit is composed of high-quality, sturdy steel. This is a nice, affordable antique bronze colored fire pit. It will bring you the joy of having a campfire in your own backyard for many years to come. All four of the sides of this fire pit

All four of the sides of this pit has an open crosshatch design, which is great as it ensures everyone around can view the fire inside. Just the right amount of flames show and provides you with a warm light. Also, you can roast some marshmallows on it, if you like. You could go ahead and cook yourself a meal.

Read the instructions of the fire pit

Before you use this product, make sure you read the instructions. The inside of the product features a pit that is about a foot deep, so there’s more than enough room to lay down a layer of sand under the wood. In the instructions, it’s recommended to add some sand first. The sand absorbs the heat and disperses it evenly, which protects the fire pit from damage. The layer of sand in the bottom will also prevent flames and hot ashes from flying around. You find it easier to clean if you use a layer of pea gravel topped by firebricks.

What’s included

There’s a built-in wood grate included and also a poker. You can buy additional, adjustable grates to use when cooking. It comes with a cover, therefore you don’t have to worry on rainy days.

Measures and weight

The pit measures around two feet by two feet and it comes in three pieces. Don’t worry, because they are easy to put together using a screwdriver. As a result, you have a sturdy construction that you can trust.

On the bottom, it has air flow, which is responsible for allowing ventilation through in order to keep the fire burning. On the front, you’ll find a spark screen that you can close while the fire is in use.

This Landmann Barrone has a good weight to it but it is light enough so that you can move it around. The walls are composed of steel mesh in order to keep the hot coals or wood enclosed.


If you are searching for a good fire pit at a reasonable price to use in your backyard, then we recommend the Landmann Barrone fire pit.


  • Landmann Barrone Fire Pit


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