Portable Pizza Oven – Camp Chef Italia Artisan Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

portable pizza ovenA portable pizza oven can be taken on camping trips, pool parties, tailgating parties, or wherever you’d like to go. If you enjoy pizza, you need an oven that knows how to go where the party is.

While looking for a good outdoor pizza oven, we came across the 

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Portable Pizza Oven

and we must say, we really like what we read.


This pizza oven is gas-powered and is able of creating the heat you need. It only takes a total of 15 minutes to heat up. Then you can put the pizza in the oven and it will be crisp crust in less than 5 min. The oven reaches a temperature of 700° F which is not only perfect for pizza, also for baking bread and roasting meat.

The double walled construction enhances heating dynamics. This portable pizza oven bakes like a brick oven. Cooking perfect artisan pizza every time, which is a major bonus in our book.

Included with this Italien Artisan Portable Pizza Oven comes a 13 x 20-inch cordierite ceramic pizza stone. Which will help you keep the oven to temp between pies.

The oven door with handle has ventilation and the build-in gauge monitors the internal air temperature. In addition, you have total flame control with the build-in adjustable valve.

The oven weighs around 47 pounds, so it’s easy to carry it around and it doesn’t require any electric. This means you can extend your pizza party away from the patio if you wish.

Main Features of the Camp Chef Portable Pizza Oven:

It runs on a total of 17,000 BTU’s. This is why the pizza will be ready in less than five minutes. There’s an even cooking surface, so the pizza will be crisp all over.

The design is compact, just as you would expect it and is under 50 pounds. Making it even easier to carry around.

This pizza oven includes a 13″ x 20″ cordierite stone, the overall dimensions are 15″ x 26″ x 16″.

The Camp-Chef Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven is a design to replicate the perfect pizza environment of the popular brick oven. Using reflected heat to create the perfect cooking temperatures. This way, you will get a crisp and yummy homemade pizza, every time you use it. This oven is built to the highest quality standards that Camp-Chef is popular for.


With this oven, you can make the perfect pizza for a pool party, family night, or camping. This pizza oven is not just easy to use, in addition, it’s portable. Therefore you will be able to take it with you, wherever you go – you no longer have to leave your pizza party at home.


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