Pizza Kettle And Charcoal Grill – The Best All In One Solution

pizza kettleThinking of grilling some burgers, but the kids prefer a pizza? We’ve discovered the perfect combination: a pizza kettle and charcoal grill all in one solution.

When thinking of a backyard, many of us start to think about a barbecue. There’s nothing quite like chunks of delicious food cooked over hot coals. However, could a patio also mean pizza? A perfect pizza, baked in the traditional style,  over a nice open flame –  but unfortunately, ordering out can get a bit expensive.

Pizza can be tricky to cook outside, and for those of us that don’t have a lot of space, a fixed pizza oven isn’t exactly an option.

After doing some shopping, we discovered the perfect combination:

A Pizza Kettle And Charcoal Grill – The All In One Solution

Have you ever tried to grill pizza before? If so, you probably already know how hard it is to keep the heat high enough in order to achieve the intended effect. This pizza kettle has the perfect heat system for cooking pizza. The heavy-duty solid stainless steel grate has a porcelain-coat, which does a good job at maintaining the perfect amount of heat.

The Landmann Pizza Kettle offers a total of 375 square inches of cooking space. You’ll be able to cook some large pizza with all of the right toppings. To make sure you don’t burn your food, there is a temperature gauge located on the lid (it’s pretty large, so you can’t miss it).

This grill can reach a temperature of 700 degrees. To maintain the cooking temperature there is a vent on the lid. It comes in sleek black and silver – the frame and handle are made of steel, while the lid and the grates are made of porcelain.


No requires electricity, which is a major bonus when it comes to portability, the cooker uses charcoal as fuel. This way, you can move it around in the yard, or take it along with you to the lake.



Make sure you pay attention because for cooking different foods there are separate pieces. You are preparing burgers and now you would like to make some pizza, no problem. Just lift the lid and add the pizza ring and you will be ready to go. Also, a pizza stone is included which actually makes it almost impossible to burn the pizza and results in the perfect crust.


Want to enjoy pizza cooked in your backyard, or during a pool party? Then the Landmann Pizza Kettle is exactly what you need. We love being able to cook some burgers and also a nice crispy pizza – yummy.


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