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kamado grillHave you heard of a Kamado grill yet?

A kamado grill is based on an ancient charcoal-powered cooker in Japan. After the war, it was modified by GIs – therefore this design is the pinnacle of charcoal grills.

Traditionally, kamado-style cookers were amongst the most expensive grill/smokers available. They were originally made with a heavy ceramic shell. They seemed a bit on the fragile side, but they’re really not, as long as you take care of them.

Today, we are going to introduce you to the


Kamado Grill Charcoal BBQ and Smoker by Akorn

This kamado-style grill has all the cooking abilities you could wish for but at a less price, high temperatures, low and slow capacity.

You can get this grill for under $300, depending on where you purchase it from.

Why is the price lower on this kamado grill? What’s the catch? This grill is more than capable of keeping up with its competition, but the lower price may be due to the construction quality – it may not be as good as the really expensive grills. However, don’t let the construction quality push you away because it’s really not that bad.


Kamado Grill / Smoker  Description

Cast iron grate – great for cooking

302 square inches for a cooking area

165-square inch warming rack

Dial vents on the top and bottom

Metal side shelves that fold down

Three legs stand on wheeled cart

Steel construction powder coated exterior

Porcelain-coated interior

Available in a variety of different colors

Has a removable bottom vent section that makes for easy ash removal

Made in China for A&J Manufacturing LLC




There are many pros nesting behind this grill. Here, take a look at them so you can see for yourself:

High-temperature capacity – it can reach up to 700 degrees F in no time at all

It’s an inexpensive kamado-style grill and it doesn’t get much better than that.

Lighter in weight than many of the other ceramic grills

Also uses less charcoal and less airflow means more heat for juicy meat

Easy to clean out because of the removable lower ash pan


Of course, where there are pros, there are going to be cons, regardless of how good the product is. Sometimes, you just have to take a microscope and really comb through the product. In this case, we found a couple of cons that we felt were worth mentioning in this review.

The cast iron cooking grates are not coated. Therefore you have to put special care and seasoning.

In addition, the lid mounted temperature gauge isn’t exactly accurate.

Other than that, this are the only two downfalls we can find with this grill.


The kamado grill is able to get to its low price point by swapping the normal high-temperature ceramic for its insulated metal shell. This metal solution makes the grill lighter in weight and in addition cheaper to manufacture. Another way this company manages to produce such a good product for a small amount of money would be the fact that they use their Chinese factories in order to build the grill, therefore cuts the material and labor costs from the top.


For delicious recipes and tips on becoming a Kamado Pro, kamado-grill-cookbook

we have found this specialized cookbook


All in all, we recommend this grill – because the insulated body can hold in heat, which makes it more efficient than the traditional charcoal grill. You can grill, cook, smoke anything from burgers to ribs to fish. Yes, it may be lower grade materials, but in all actuality, you’re probably not even going to notice this.



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