Gardening Cart and Quality Wagon with Steel Frame and 10-in. Pneumatic Tires

gardening cartHomeowners who pay extra attention to their lawn and backyard, know better than anybody else how valuable a good gardening cart and wagons are.

They will save time, require less effort, and will save your back from injury. Because you won’t have to carry heavy pots or big bags of soil and plant feed and or other tools and material.

If you are on the market for gardening carts and wagons, there are few options available to you.

What Options Of Gardening Cart and Wagons You Have?

You can choose between wagons or carts. First, you need to choose between few other things: How much space you have for storing your gardening cart once you finish your work. Do you have a storage shed? Of course, you can leave your cart outside. Depending on the material the cart is made of, this could reduce the lifespan.

Two or four wheels gardening cart?

Another factor you should consider is the wheel size that you might need.  If you have a garden that has stones or walkways that a cart can roll on easily, you can buy a cart or wagon with any size wheel.  If you have a grass-covered yard or has small steps, with no clear walkways, you will need a thicker, larger set of wheels.

Lastly, consider whether you would like a four-wheel or a two-wheel wagon or gardening cart. It will increase the pressure on your back if you get a two-wheeled cart. Meanwhile having a four-wheel cart will be easier on your back.  Two wheel carts, however, give you better storing options.

Flat bottomed wagon or dump cart

Once you decide on the general mechanics of your gardening vessel, you need to decide whether you would like a dump cart or a flat-bottomed wagon or both.  A flat-bottomed cart can have walls or could be lacking them. Gardening carts that have walls or higher edges will allow for more stability. Many flat bottomed carts are generally made of inter-weaved metal and might have small holes at the bottom that makes them impractical to use for moving dirt without using another container.  The flat-bottomed wagons are generally ideal for moving potted plants.  A dirt (or dump) cart, however, is generally more conical and has walls that make it very practical for moving dirt and soil.

Additionally, you can choose between different sizes. Also available are double deck carts and wagons which gives you more surface area with a compacter design.


We decided to go with the

Gorilla Gardening Cart with Steel Framegardening cart

and 10-in. Pneumatic Tires. The bed made of durable plastic, rustproof and easy to clean. The bottom is flat enough for caring flowerpots around. Its balanced 4-wheel design lets this gardening cart maneuver easily, even fully loaded with a capacity of 600 pound. The patented quick-release dump feature makes it easy to unload soil.


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