Compost Tumbler – Best Compost Bin – Envirocycle Composter – Review

compost tumblerCompost and Beauty don’t usually sit well together. Nevertheless, they describe the compost tumbler by Envirocycle as the most beautiful composter in the world. As you can see from the pictures, it is rather pleasing to the eye.

This kid-friendly composter has one of the top rates in the market. Maybe the reason for a heftier price. Before you decide on a cheaper ‘eyesore’ composter, let’s look at some of its other merits apart from its aesthetic appeal.

Compost Tumbler Envirocycle Compsteamaker

Even though we love this composter we want to provide an unbiased review. So we have done our research and found out the good and bad.

Is this the best compost bin?compost tumbler

Let’s start with the pros:

Excellent Design – construct out of high-quality UV Resistant material. This is a composter that is not just built to look good also to last. It has a small footprint and won’t look obtrusive in your garden, backyard or patio. In addition, you get a precious liquid fertilizer, because the base collects the excess liquid from the drum as compost tea.

Customer Service – not only is this product made in the USA. Furthermore, the amazing customer service team that go out of their way to help rectify any issues or answer any questions.

Easy to Use – the composter arrives ready to use, so as soon as you have some composting material you can start using it with no delay. After you load it, it doesn’t take much more effort than rotating the drum three times every few days. It is also fitted with grooves to make it easy to turn for users of all ages.

Odor and Leak free – Obviously the compost will smell a bit but the closed composter won’t emit any bad smells. There will be no smelly or unsightly leakage either which can be a problem with cheaper composters. The arrange of the anti-leak grooves and a snap-shut lid prevents leaking as it turns.

Easy to Move – the roller base system means it is easy to roll the composter wherever you want it with little effort.

Let’s take a look at the cons:

Price – Yes, it is an expensive option for composting. Don’t forget you pay for something of well design, also functional and USA made. This is the Rolls Royce of composters so in our opinion deserves its high price tag.

Lack of Instructions – if you are new to composting you might need to do some research before getting the best from this composter as it does lack any instructions.


But here is a little video:


Compost Tumbler Conclusion

While this is one of the most expensive composters on the market it does have enough benefits to justify the price. Also think of the good you are doing for the environment and you are saving on fertilizer costs!

The higher price will also increase the chance you make the best use of it. It’s also a great way of awaking kids interest in the enviroment and away from TV’s and computers.

As one reviewer commented ‘Don’t let the price scare you as this is a keeper.’ If you are a smaller household or have a small garden it might also be worth looking at the less expensive, smaller 17 gallon version – described as the world’s cutest composter!compost tumbler

The best compost bin? We say Yes! Doesn’t matter if you choose the ‘most beautiful’ or the ‘cutest’ compost tumbler. With Envirocycle you made a good decision.



  • Envirocycle Compsteamaker

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